The story of how Bed of Roses came to life

Welcome to this place!

I’m Kathrin, the heart, hands and creative mind behind the Bed of Roses. I’m a maker, dreamer & wildflower. Mother and lover. I´m a daughter and a sister. I´m a friend.

Slow living in a small village in the woods of Norway.

I’m a floral designer by profession. I’ve been working in flowershops and studio’s for years, and I absolutely loved it!

So…many years ago, as our kids were small, and life was both wonderful and busy…. I worked in a gorgeous shop…and life happened to me, as it does for all of us, in all sorts of directions…. My setback was hard. I had to live with a severe diagnose. This happened back in 2006. I’ve slowly found a new way of living. A slow and more simple life. My path to balance has not been easy, truth is; it is an always ongoing process. Now I can say that my life is good, even if it is not like velvet or fluffy cotton skies…but I’m happy. And I’m deeply grateful for all the good things in my life. Most of all, my family and close friends. And this happy little spot that I´ve named Bed of Roses. Life isn´t a bed of roses. But this little creative space is a Bed of Roses.

Knitting became my therapy very soon, when life hit me hard. I’ve truly experienced this: ‘When one door closes, a new door opens’. Creating has always been a big part of my life. My creativity continiously find new materials and medias to work through, even though I’m not able to work in a fancy, busy flowershop as I used to do. I live more slowly now.

We live in a white little house, in a happy marriage, we have healthy sons and a sweet little garden. In August 2019, my hobby became a registered company. Bed of Roses A/S. I’ve dreamed about it for years! I started making BOR Necklace©️, stitchmarkers, and soon I started to sew bags for knitters and fiberfolk. My kitchentable and my writing-desk was my studio in the early days of BOR. Later on, I got my own studio, here in our little house. And as we speak, a new loft studio is under construction. I cant wait for that!

As I’ve already told you; I’m passionate about knitting, and I find much joy in making quality tools and bags for knitters and makers especially, even though my handmade items can suit multipurposal use as well.

I hope you will find something you like in my tiny little shop, and that you feel welcome here.

I´m exited to add a wider range of goods to my shop. I will write more about that in the blog section, as the new wares arrives.

If you have any questions or requests, you are welcome to contact me.

Warmly, Kathrin.

The Studio

My tiny litte loft studio. A happy little spot, in a spare room of our home. Soon I will have a new loftstudio with a little more space. -Can´t wait for that!