-BLUSH PINK box of hygge-

This is a gorgeous selection of carefully curated items. The BLUSH PINK box has a romantic vibe to it. It is simply wonderful.

This is a treat for every knitter!

About once a month, I make a limited batch of secret, curated boxes.

Treat yourself or someone you love. These are perfect for gifts!

DHL shipping only. -delivery in early February- In time before Valentines Day, for those who celebrate Valentines.

Inspired by a certain theme/ photo collage, which varies from month to month.

Read all the details of each box in the listing.

bed of Roses bags

Premium quality projectbags, pouches, needlecases

Håndlagde kvalitetsbager. Forskjellige størrelser. Perfekt for strikketøy og annet håndarbeid. Supre til reiser, organisering og oppbevaring.

Bed of roses knitters jewelry©️

Modern boho jewelry for knitters & makers

Handcrafted & personalized markers, gemstones, pure materials

Håndlagde, personlig tilpassede smykker med maskemarkører. Edelstener. Naturlige råvarer.

Yarnkits, Indipendent designers

Indipendent knitwear designers & yarn kits

Yarnkits, sofia Kammeborn

Gorgeous collaboration with the beloved Swedish knitwear designer Sofia Kammeborn.

Yarnkits curated by Bed of Roses.

Chelsea Luxe Yarns

For første gang i Europa; Chelsea Luxe Yarns! Det er med glede og stolthet at vi nå lanserer det vidunderlige garnet fra Christina, Chelsesa Luxe Yarns i vår nettbutikk!

Christina er kjent i den internasjonale garnindustrien for sitt kvalitetsgarn i vidunderlige nyanser, som hun farger for hånd i sitt hjem i New Jersey, USA. Kanskje har du allerede sett det vakre garnet på Instagram eller Facebook? Christina og mannen Tad, driver Chelsea Yarns sammen, og sprudler over av kreativitet og arbeidslyst i sosiale medier. Veldig, veldig gøy! -Og vakkert, vakkert garn! Det er bare å begynne å glede seg!

Velkommen til lansering, Fredag 1. oktober kl 18.00!

Kathrin // Bed of Roses

Chelsea Luxe Yarns

Chelsea Yarns is a wonderful, wonderful company!

Christina and her husband runs this lovely business, based in New Jersey, USA.

Christina is well known for her gorgeous indiedyed yarns in the yarn industry.

Bed of Roses is very exited, pleased and confident to have Chelsea Luxe as the first indie dyed yarn in our shop!

Bed of Roses is the first shop in Europe to carry Chelsea Luxe yarns, which makes us even more exited!

We know that you will love the gorgeous colors and bases just as much as we do! A very warm welcome to Chelsea Luxe Yarns!

Kathrin//Bed of Roses

Rauma garn

Norwegian yarns & knittingpatterns by Rauma Garn

Mønster og garn av Rauma Garn


A collection of Scandinavian Ceramics and other homegoods.

Ecological gourmet tea.

Sthål, svensk brand på keramikk.

Dansk design i tebrygger- utstyr. Økoligisk gourmet te.

Bed of roses design

Yarnkits & downloadable patterns

Strikkekits & mønstre for nedlasting


Handpicked goodies of all sorts

Stationary and pretty things


/ ´brèth /

to pause and rest

before continuing.


This Yarnkit centers around the stunning Rauma booklet for Selbu mittens, and the gorgeous color combo, curated by Bed of Roses.

This booklet includes patterns for mittens to women, men and children.

There is 5 different Selbu mitten designs to choose from in this kit.

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