Finull PT2, Rauma Garn, 4134


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Finull is a 2-thread carding yarn made of 100% Norwegian wool. It is fuller than Lamull, but still a thin wool yarn. Finull is one of our great prides with its huge color chart and long running time. It is a yarn that can be used for most things and produces light, airy and warm garments. Fine wool is suitable for felting. Yarn qualities in 100% wool provide garments that warm and breathe even in damp conditions. This makes the garments excellent for travel and outdoor activities, as well as for everyday use.

Finull is produced at our wool mill in beautiful Romsdalen. Here we card, twist, spin, wash, dye and skein the yarn from 100% Norwegian wool. We are proud to be able to offer all-Norwegian products!

Norwegian wool is particularly characterized by good wear resistance, resilience and elasticity. Spun as carded yarn, wool provides the ideal balance between functionality and comfort. The result is light, airy and user-friendly garments with a long lifespan.

175 m / 50 g
Knitting tension: 26-24 m = 10 cm
Recommended stick size: 2.5-3.5

Additional information

Finull Pt2 colorways

Blå – 4124, Brun melert – 411, Dempet rød melert – 4131, Grå – 404, Grønn melert – 4130, Gul melert – 4137, Koksgrå – 414, Lilla melert – 4128, Lyng melert – 4126, Lys blå melert – 4139, Lys grå – 403, Lys gul melert – 4134, Lys lilla melert – 4135, Lys rosa – 4133, Mørk brun melert – 4081, Mørk rød – 435, Mint grønn melert – 4136, Mosegrønn melert – 4129, Natur – 401, Okergul melert – 4125, Orange melert – 4121, Petrol melert – 4127, Pudderrosa melert – 4138, Svart – 436


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