Frostrosevotter kit. English translation.


Garnpakken inneholder garn og oppskrift til Frostrosevotter i Bed of Roses utvalgte fargekombinasjon

Design og garn fra Rauma ullvarefabrikk.



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This kit includes Rauma 2tr Gammelserie booklet of mittens for the whole family.

Women, men and childs size mittens, Frostrose votter (mittens) is one of 11 patterns in this booklet.

Pattern and yarn by Rauma ullvarefabrikk.

❧ 50g Finull Pt2 in the color 4131 Dempet rød melert (red)

❧ 50gFinull Pt2 in the color Pudderrosa melert – 4138 (blush pink)


❧ 50g 2 tr Gammelserie, in the color 4903 Blågrå (deep greyish blue)

❧ 50g 2 tr Gammelserie, in the color 403 Lys grå melert (light grey melange)


❧ 50g 2 tr Gammelserie, in the color 487 Grålilla (greyish purple)

❧ 50g 2 tr Gammelserie, in the color 401 Natur (natural)


This kit will give you at least 3 pairs of mittens. The colors are carefully chosen by Bed of Roses.

Please note that Bed of Roses carry Finull Pt2 and 2tr Gammelserien in a wide range of colors, both yarn bases is perfect for all of the 11 patterns in this booklet. You may want to add some skeins in your favourite colors when ordering this kit.

Finull Pt2 can be found here: 

2tr Gammelserie can be found here: 



Happy knitting!


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