Gorgeous organdie heart


This Gorgeous organdie heart by Walther & Co is perfect for a window, a wall, or to hang on a door or a closet. Alone, or grouped with several Walther & Co items.

You could also use it with candlelights as a centerpiece or for your coffeetable.

Light weight. 30cm.

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Walther & Co is a Danish brand that I admire so much! The products are unique, and stands out from other brands.

I personally like Walther & Co products for both soulful decor for my home, and for unique gifts.


In Walther & Co’s winter collection, NATURAL materials in shades of grey, violet and brown create a timeless lightness.

The gorgeous mix of NORDIC traditions and Asian MYSTERY makes a both nostalgic and contemporary design.

Pearls, buttons, little bells, fabrics, candlesticks and pillows invite you to mix and match all items to create your own personal style: Modern bohemian, ethnic global or classic with a modern twist.


HANDMADE The meticulous embroideries, prints, carvings, braidings and joinings all have a unique finish which unites centuries of traditions with modern design.

Every DETAIL in Walther & Co’s Christmas collection has passed through the hands of SKILLED craftsmen. The little differences from being handmade give every item personality and LIFE.

THE MATERIALS Transparent organza, FROSTED mother-of-pearl and gossamer filament mixes well with RUSTIC zinc, golden brass and DELICATE mouth blown glass. The materials are bent, braided and FOLDED to form hearts, angels, stars, leaves, acorns, birds, etc.



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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm


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