Polkadot socks yarnkits, assorted colorways, English pattern







This yarnkit includes English pattern and yarns for 2-3 pairs of Polkadot socks, Bed of Roses curated color combinations

❧ pattern for Polkadot socks

❧ 5 x 50g Rauma 2 tr. Gammelserien

❧1 stitch marker, by Bed of Roses


2-tråd Gammelserien is a carding yarn made of 100% Norwegian wool. This yarn has a little extra twist, which makes the yarn durable, and well suited for socks and stockings.

Gammelserien is produced at Rauma Ullvarefabrikk in Romsdalen. The yarn is carded, twisted, spun, dyed in Norway.

Only Norwegian wool is used. Norwegian wool is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly textile fibers.

Bed of Roses is proud to be able to offer this all-Norwegian yarn!

Knitting tension: 28 stitches = 10 cm
Guided needle size: 2 1/2
50 g = approx. 160 m


Additional information

Weight 05 kg
Dimensions 25 × 35 × 6 cm
Prikkesokker gammelserie

LysgråMelert/Lysblå/Petrol/Blågrå/Natur, LysgråMelert/Natur/Sort/Koksgrå/Sennepsgul, Natur/LysgråMelert/Lysblå/Sennepsgul/Koksgrå, Natur/LysgråMelert/Rosa/Sennepsgul/Koksgrå, Natur/LysgråMelert/Rosa/Terracotta/Koksgrå, Rosa/Natur/Grålilla/LysgråMelert/Koksgrå, Rosa/Natur/LysgråMelert/Lysblå/Koksgrå, Sennepsgul/Natur/Grålilla/LysgråMelert/Koksgrå


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