This Yarnkit centers around the stunning Rauma booklet for Selbu mittens, and the gorgeous color combo, curated by Bed of Roses.

This booklet includes patterns for mittens to women, men and children.

There is 5 different Selbu mitten designs to choose from in this kit., Lookbook with all the different designs, click here: 

The language of this booklet is Norwegian. This means that in case you dont read Norwegian, this might not be the perfect project for a beginner. But if you have knitted mittens earlier, these instructions shouldnt be too difficult to follow.  The instructions are easy, and as always with Selbu mittens: its all about the clear and pretty charts, easy to follow. There is charts for every mitten in every size. Tip: use the Google translate app with the photo/scan. And as always: I´m here to help, so please dont hesitate to ask me any questions!

This is yarnkit includes yarn enough for several pairs of Selbu mittens- (about 5 pairs for women or men´s size, plus several pairs for childrens size)

Choose to knit your favourite patterns from this gorgeous booklet by Rauma.

I love, love, love this kit! And I am so proud to be offering this gorgeous collection of Classical and timeless Selbu mittens in my shop. I hope that you will like it too 🙂


This yarnkit includes:

Rauma booklet of Selbumittens in Norwegian

500g 3 tråds strikkegarn by Rauma garn, the colorpalette is curated by Bed of Roses (and as always; the colors are muted and stunning!)

Bed of Roses stitchmarker.


The yarnkit comes in a pretty wrapping.

About the yarn:Rauma 3-tråds strikkegarn (3 ply knitting yarn) is a 100% Norwegian wool, woolen spun yarn. 

The yarn is perfect for the classic Selbu mittens, sweaters and cardigans, it is also a good choice for single-colored garments and structural knits.

It has an gorgeous quality and provides airy and warm, beautiful and durable garments.

3-tråds strikkegarn is a 100% Norwegian product, produced at Rauma Ullvarefabrikk in Romsdalen, where the yarn is carded, washed, twisted, spun, dyed and winded into yarnballs.

Rauma has chosen Norwegian wool only, for producing this gorgeous woolen spun yarn.

Norwegian wool is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly textile fibers.

Bed of Roses is proud to offer this beautiful, all-Norwegian product!

Gauge: 22 sts = 10 cm

50 g = about 108 m





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