Yarnkit Skymning Shawl by Sofia Kammeborn



This yarnkit includes:

250 g Finull Pt2  by Rauma garn.

Bed of Roses stitchmarker.

Pattern for Skymning shalw by Sofia Kammeborn is not included. Pattern is for sale in Sofia´s pattern shop here: 

If you would like to add several colors of your choice in Finull Pt2, you can find a gorgeous selection of the yarn here: 


This is a few of Sofia´s words and details about her Skymning shawl:

Skymning is a triangular shawl, knitted top down (to your preferred size) and finished with a lace edging.

This pattern is written for a sport weight yarn, approx 300 – 350 m/100 g. I have knitted the shawl in Rauma finull. You will need 100 g of Colour A and 100 g of Colour B and additional 40 g for the lace edging. If you would like to make a larger shawl, you will need additional yardage of yarn. Colour A is one solid color, Color B can be a solid or a variegated yarn, or even a combination of different colors, creating stripes as you prefer. The lace edging can be knit in Color A or in a contrasting colour.

The shawl in this pattern is 160 x 70 cm. You can easily adjust
the size if you prefer a larger shawl.

The shawl:
Colour A 100 g
Colour B 100 g
Lace edging:
Colour C 40 g (or colour A)

You will need more yarn if you want to make a larger shawl.

18 stitches x 32 rows = 10 x 10 cm

Use a circular needle in the size that gives you the correct gauge. For me, that is 3.5 mm and for my daughter it is 4.0 mm, so the size of the needle can vary. Knit yourself a gauge swatch to check that you have the correct gauge.


Additional information

Collett tee colors

Black Sort, Grain Kornaks -warm pastel yellow, Linnen Lin, Meadow Marka skjønn -warm green, The apple garden Eplehagen -dusty pink

Collett tee language





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