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I am so happy and proud to carry bags and purses by Coming Copenhagen!

Coming Copenhagen is a gorgeous vegan certified Danish brand.

Handmade quality, made to last.


I love the design! -The clean lines and the stunning details.


The feel of the vegan leather in these bags is of top notch, -very very good! -Love it!

It is perfect for knitters on the go. Use the bags for smaller projects, such as a pair of socks, a hat or the beginning of a shawl/ sweather.


About Coming Copenhagen: At Coming Copenhagen we care about the planet, our health and the welfare of animals. As a certified vegan brand, we respect and support animal rights, and we promote a cruelty free lifestyle by finding alternative materials to make beautiful quality bags at an affordable price point. We are inspired by the textures and hues of nature and to better protect it, we aim to constantly better our ways.

The creative team is based in Copenhagen. Surrounded by a value-based design heritage, we are focusing on creating a contemporary yet feminine style, instantly recognizable by beautiful detailing.


About the products: Bags from Coming Copenhagen are entirely vegan, made from alternatives to leather and silk and without using any animal-based materials

Most of our vegan leather is made of polyurethane (PU), and the manufacturers aim to combine the basic qualities of natural leather in the fabric. It is made by coating a backing material such as cotton or polyester with a flexible polymer to impart a leather-like appearance, and it is crafted using natural materials to have the look and feel of real leather

Our commitment to providing the highest quality, ethical vegan materials means we will continually seek new and innovative textiles that can provide our customers with the best possible finish whilst at the same time protecting the environment.


Inga Semmingsen

I´m so happy to include yarnkits for the designs by Inga Semmingsen to the shop. Inga Semmingsen is a lovely Norwegian knitwear designer. Inga works and lives in Oslo. Her knitting designs are named by streets, parks and landmarks in Oslo. I am both happy and proud to present for you her knitwear designs paired with yarnkits in thoughtful colors and combinations put together for the shop. (Custom made kits, in your colorpreferances is absolutely possible to make as well, just shoot me an email, and I will be happy to help and guide you, making a unique kit for you.) I´m releasing a brand new projectbag, a bag that we´ve designed together, the Inga bag. I hope you will like this collaboration with Inga Semmingsen just as much as I do!

KATHRIN, Bed of roses

sthål ceramics

brand new bagdesigns

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MYSTERY CLUB -springtime-

I hope you will love the Springtime mystery Club just as much as I do


Finull PT2 by Rauma

Walther & Co

I am SO exited to include Walther & Co to my shop! The brands that I´m choosing for my shop is carefully selected. Walther & Co is no exeption. Walther & Co is a Danish brand of top notch, and I absolutely LOVE their collections!

The vintage floral collection. In addition to their regular Christmas items, is this stunning, and very unique, range of antique zinc and brass floral pieces – all on metal stalks so that they can be used in vases, maybe artistically placed in a hand-made wreath, or displayed in one of the wooden flower stands.  The absolute added bonus is that they make fabulous year-round decorations… as Walther & Co say, not just for Christmas!

Every piece is designed by Walther & Co, and beautifully hand-made by skilled artisans.  

Every detail in our collection has passed through the hands of skilled craftsmen. The little differences from being handmade give every item personality and life!

Birgitte Herrig, Walther & Co.

I fell in love with this gorgeous collection the minute I saw it, and hope you will too… They really are beautiful and worth the investment as they will give you such pleasure for years to come. They also make wonderful gifts – why not take one of these everlasting and beautifully crafted flowers along for your dinner or Christmas hosts, rather than fresh flowers or chocolates… something they will treasure for ever. Handmade and special. From Denmark with love.